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  What does it mean for a house to be rude? It means it’s mine, no apologies. No synchronizations with trends, or approval from others. I put things together because it makes sense to me. I linger on objects, handmade by others, I collect from designers who I connect with. I juxtapose a boucle stool next to an antique chair. I tuck my family’s history into a frame I thrifted. I don’t mind when the clutter eats up a shelf full of curated trinkets and remnants from a hectic morning. It’s rude, it’s mine.

2024_006_H_0105 1.jpg

    With this exhibition, we explore our name, Rude Haus. A home that is unique and filled with contemporary furniture, antiques and unique artist made objects. By creating a home that speaks to an individual, using things our client owns, and mixing in pieces from emerging designers, we show our aims as a gallery and design studio.


Folding new into the existing fabric of the home, and cutting and sewing that fabric to feel revived. Rude Haus was created to make collections, to find and source objects that tell a story, and to create spaces that are entirely personal. We showcase a way to make new and old harmonious. We like weird corners, functionality, and reuse. Using objects that are discovered, next to objects we already love creates less waste, and explores interiors in a new light.

2024_006_H_0191 1_edited.jpg
2024_006_J_0007 2 MC.jpg
2024_006_E_0231 1.jpg
2024_006_E_0018 2.jpg

    our first exhibition features three emerging female artists delicately placed within our own ongoing interiors project, The Laurel House. We chose this location as a way to play within our own work and showcase pieces from our featured designers. Each of our artists creates using unique forms, dives deep into material exploration and is intrinsically connected to their craft. The selection of works showcases the juxtaposition of many facets of color and form.

Asset 1.png

Pairing a playfully arched stool in a 60’s wood paneled room and then again in an elegantly wallpapered hall, shows dynamism from our artist’s objects. A deep black vase tells a new story in each setting it’s placed in, the dark glaze reflecting the light and color of the room. Antique furniture paired against a totally contemporary form creates singularity.

2024_006_C_0216 1.jpg

Our pairings danced across The Laurel House as we crafted and molded to show how all of these forms can work together in different ways. Moving into the corners and the folds allowed us to play with the house and with the objects and ultimately show how remnants can be woven together.

2024_006_J_0058 MC.jpg
2024_006_G_0150 2.jpg
2024_006_H_0059 1.jpg
Asset 1.png

Rude Haus was created to give a voice to emerging designers and play with old and new to create a harmonious home. We want to collect mindfully, connect with the people making objects, and love the items we already own.

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